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If you are a current CUNY student, we encourage you to use the Transfer What If tool in DegreeWorks to see how all of your credits for courses you have taken and are currently taking will transfer and apply to (i.e. satisfy) the requirements for your particular degree.

This tool (Transfer Explorer) provides you and everyone else--inside and outside of CUNY--with quick and easy access to information about how ANY CUNY course at ANY CUNY college will transfer to ANY other CUNY college. Transfer Explorer will tell you (and anyone else), for a particular CUNY course at a particular college, what kind of credit every other CUNY college will give that course if a student who has taken that course transfers within CUNY.

If you have been awarded a different equivalency than you see displayed on this website, you may consider submitting a Transfer Credit Appeal.


  • See how a course you plan to take in the future will be counted at any other CUNY college. For example, the course you plan to take at College A may be considered equivalent to a specific course at College B. In that case, if you take that course at College A and transfer to College B, you will get credit for the "equivalent" course at College B, and you will have satisfied any requirements that the equivalent course at College B satisfies.
  • If you transfer prior to earning an Associate degree, see what course you need to take at your new college to earn your degree


  • We are building a component that will allow you to “review” courses previously judged as equivalent or not and then make “suggestions” for changes. This component is under development.

Staff and Advisors

  • You can help students plan for ePermit, Transfer, and Reverse Transfer by searching for and sharing information about what sort of credit a transferred course that a student has not yet taken will receive at particular receiving colleges--equivalency to a specific course at the receiving college, general education credit, major credit, and/or elective credit..

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