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Current and future CUNY students can use this tool to see how courses and learning experiences they have completed, or are planning to complete, will count towards requirements for different majors in bachelor's degree programs. This information can help students plan a path to degree completion and choose courses and majors that align with their timeline and goals. Please note: this tool only shows information about courses that apply to major requirements, not common core or college option requirements. Once a student has met a common core area requirement at one CUNY college, that requirement will be met at any other CUNY college. For more information visit CUNY General Education Requirements

Step 1: Select CUNY Program

Use the drop downs below to select a CUNY major that you are interested in pursuing, then click the Next(Select My Courses) button.

** As of right now, only majors at the CUNY colleges that award Bachelor's degrees are included. We are working hard to make all other programs available as soon as possible.
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